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Sketching and snowshoeing to the Labyrinth

snowshoeing in winter

While visiting my cousins’ cabin in northern Wisconsin this artist greeted the New Year to some much-needed rest, relaxation, and exercise too. Snowshoeing in the new year always brings fresh ideas to the surface and provides me time to reflect and realign with nature.

Early morning sketching

The morning started off with a fresh cup of coffee and a bit of noodling. Using watercolor pencils, I quickly sketched a few items that may work for smaller paintings: a wintery tree, animal tracks, a Minnesota fox, and a pinecone.

When I get back to my Minnesota studio, I want to see if I can use bright emotional strokes of paint on a 4 x 4-inch or 6 x 6-inch canvas to capture these whimsical images of nature. Not too big or small, I believe these images may be perfect for a future client’s wall in a cabin or contemporary home.

As the house wakes up, we gather to eat some breakfast and discuss the day. Quickly we decide it’s time to get a bit of exercise and go play in the snow.

Afternoon Snowshoeing

A beautiful 28 degrees, little to no wind off the lake, and fresh white snow greets us. As we four strapped on our snowshoes the dog kept moving to stay warm. We set-off down the road snowshoeing, covered by a canopy of snow-covered trees above our heads. As we crossed the road to get on a trail, we all struggled a bit to get over the hump of snow made by the snowplow. We soon found ourselves in 4 feet of snow, untouched by cross county skis or snowshoes.

Off we went to find the beautiful labyrinth in the middle of a heavily wooded area. The dog usually leads, but today with the snow so deep he had to follow our snow packed tracks instead. After a half a mile, a snow filled bench soon greeted us in the forest opening. Rocks were lined up in perfect circles peeking out of the snow. And a large rock lay in the center of the circle. Halfway covered with snow, it looked out of place, but peaceful. After taking a few pictures, the dog quickly guided us safely back to the cabin. We quickly warmed up and closed out the day with a little football, small talk, and pizzas.

New Year Commitments

This year at eGALLERi my goal will be to sketch at least one time per week and finish at least two oil paintings. Finding a potter to join our band of artisans would be great too. This would help us bring more one-of-a-kind originals to our most discerning clients.

Let us help you find a piece of art that reflects the natural beauty we find every day outside. eGALLERi art, made in the USA, naturally. Shop now.

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