The Creation and Passion Behind eGALLERi

Our story began in Minnesota with a selection of original paintings, natural items and fine fabrics.

With a desire and passion to create fine art, aesthetically pleasing designs and (one-of-a kind) items made out of natural or renewable materials - Beth Moorhead created eGALLERi.



To create one-of-a-kind items made out of natural or renewable materials that encourage others to be good stewards of the land. When you wear or display an eGALLERi original, we want this item to remind you and others to protect our fragile world we call mother earth.


eGALLERi original items are available online at and through curated collections offered by selected artists and designers. Each eGALLERi piece is created or made by hand, by the artist - no two items are alike. We pride ourselves on only representing work that has been created/produced by artists or designers who have professional training in their field of study. The artist's work must be a reflection of our mission to be represented on


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Our Latest Arrivals

We keep adding more fine art and boutique one-of-a-kind originals from eGALLERi.

Check out our latest one-of-a-kind originals from eGALLERi. Shop today!


Moored at Christmas - Maui, Hawaii

Watercolor on D'Arches paper | 12 x 18 | © 2016 Beth R. Moorhead

Sailboat is in mooring state off the southwestern coast line of Maui, Hawaii. Shipped flat with instructions on how to preserve and frame the watercolor painting.  AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE

Deer Bone & Blue Bead Earrings

Deer Bone & Blue Bead Earrings | © 2019 Beth R. Moorhead

These stylish deer bone and blue glass bead earrings are made with natural materials that hang on stainless steel posts. Learn more about the inspiration behind these one-of-a kind earrings. AVAILABLE FOR PURCHASE