girl with tablet finds one-of-a-kind-originals from eGALLERi use natural materials


Fine art, hand made goods and wearables that connect you back to nature.

One-of-a-kind-originals from eGALLERi use natural materials and are created with a mid-west,  European influence. Each item at is created as an "original work of art", thus no two items are exactly alike - including those items from our boutique. We come from the land of 10,000+ lakes where nature, four seasons, and wildlife are just outside our back door - so our ecosystem is the inspiration for the work we create along with our European heritage.


To create one-of-a-kind fine art, designs and goods made out of natural or renewable materials that encourage others to be good stewards of the land. When you wear or display a eGALLERi original we want this item to remind others to protect our fragile world we call mother earth.


To provide our clients with one-of-a-kind, original, high quality, natural exclusive goods and services that can be enjoyed, displayed or worn for years to come.


One-of-a-kind-originals from eGALLERi use natural materials and/or renewable materials. Our artists come from the mid-west and the materials we use in our creations are locally sourced. If we are unable to find the materials used in our fine art or goods locally or within the United States, we purchase these materials from high quality vendors - such as our watercolors that use d'Arches paper.