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An eGALLERi Product Care Guide is included with every eGALLERi original purchased. Our guide is designed to help you take care of your new eGALLERi original for years to come.  We pride ourselves on using the most natural substances available to create an eGALLERi original, thus our guide, which can also be found below, is for your online reference. Need your eGALLERi original repaired? Visit REPAIR SERVICES. For a general overview visit CUSTOMER CARE. 

Whether you have purchased an eGALLERi work of fine art, boutique wearable or an item that can be displayed or used outdoors, it is important that it can viewed or used for years to come. Many of our eGALLERi items are from natural substances (whenever possible) thus it is important that you familiarize yourself with these simple product care guidelines.  

  • eGALLERi Product Care Guide

    Handmade Jewelry (sterling, gold plated, semi-precious stones, leather and natural materials)

To preserve the finish on your sterling silver, gold or naturally made jewelry, store it in an eGALLERi pouch. Always remove your jewelry before swimming, showering or bathing or cleaning with household chemicals, especially ones containing bleach or ammonia. Be sure to apply hairspray, creams, makeup and fragrance prior to putting on your jewelry.

Sterling:  Clean sterling silver items with a silver polishing cloth for the best shine, or use a soft, pure-cotton cloth. To minimize oxidation, store sterling silver in an anti-tarnish felt pouch and avoid exposure to the most common tarnish-causing elements: humidity, salt, wool, rubber bands, oils on your hands and sulfur in the air (often found in urban pollution). Wipe items clean after wearing before returning them to their pouch. Sterling silver items worn continually will develop a patina—a warm glow with darker areas—as a result of contact with the air and oils in the skin. If you prefer a bright and shiny finish, use polish or a polishing cloth to restore the original shine.

Gold plated, palladium and other precious-metal finishes:  To keep plated jewelry shiny, wipe it clean frequently with a soft cloth and store it in an eGALLERi pouch. Fasten bracelet and necklace clasps before storing to prevent tangling. To protect the plated finishes, clean them only with a soft cloth. Do not polish them with any type of jewelry cleaner or use treated cloths, cleaning solutions or solvents. Never let plated jewelry come in contact with abrasive creams, toothpaste, brushes, paper towels or tissue paper, as these can scratch the finish. Always make sure your plated jewelry is dry prior to storing, since moisture leads to tarnish.

Leather:  Do not expose leather jewelry to water or any form of moisture, and always make sure your leather jewelry is dry prior to storing, since moisture leads to a breakdown in the leather.  If your leather items are part of our Lake Sunwear collection read below for additional care instructions.

Lake Sunwear:  Rinse with warm water to remove dust particles. Use a non-moisturized liquid soap to clean Lake Sunwear. If leather, use a leather conditioner. Dry with a maxi-velvet cleaning cloth.

Handmade Wearables and Bags (made with unique natural fabrics, recycled furs, sail cloth and leathers)

Leather: Leather can be cleaned and restored with a good leather cleaner and moisturizer. Spots should be removed with a leather cleaner. We do not suggest cleaners or moisturizer be used on ink, grease or oil stains. A brush and eraser should be used to clean these problem stains instead.

Sail Cloth, Silks and Cottons: We make our products with various types of fabrics.  Please follow the instructions included with your purchased product. If necessary, sail cloth and cotton fabric should be brushed or vacuumed first. Spots should be removed with a fabric cleaner. If necessary, you will want to dry clean and/or hand wash your items. Only use spot cleaners on ink, grease or oil stains. Lay flat to dry.

Fine Art (oils, acrylics, watercolors, pastels, fibers, textiles, imagery and sculpture)

For framing, displaying and care of your purchased eGALLERi original work of art. Please follow the instructions included with your purchase.

Oil and Acrylic Paintings:  The painting(s) should be professionally framed (without glass) and cleaned with a white cotton damp cloth when necessary. We also recommend gently vacuuming the back of the painting "with brush attachment" to remove dust.

Watercolors, Pastels and all other Medium Paintings:  Unless noted otherwise, these types of paintings should be float matted, framed and placed behind non-reflective, museum quality glass. eGALLERi is not responsible for discoloration or fading due to sunlight.

Fiber and Textile Works: These types of art/wall hangings should be gently vacuumed by hand.

Imagery/Photography:  These items should be professional float matted, framed and placed behind non-reflective, museum quality glass.

Sculpture: Although durable, these items should be gently washed with a damp clean white cotton cloth (unless noted otherwise). Sculptures that are intended to be displayed outside will gently weather/patina overtime.

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