A Creative Space Up North

A Creative Space Up North

There are many who would love this creative space up North, and our friends’ cabin must be one of the most interesting I have ever seen. As I awake, bird calls, cool air and the sweet smell of pine, birch and cedar greet me on top of a hill outside of Finely, MN.  I step outside on the weathered deck to capture the morning excitement, and the high soprano bird calls fill the 7:30 am morning air.

Creative Spaces Using Recycled Materials

I dart back into the cabin, across the finished hard wood and glossy particle strand board floors reused for their cabin. I hit the start button on the coffee maker. As I look outside the black and dark wood cased kitchen widows, I see the rain deposits on the spiral cedar steps down to the firepit. Ah, the Caribou Bold is ready for my cup and I add a touch of whip cream to sweeten it slightly. Just the little push needed to start my Saturday morning before everyone wakes. I quickly slip on my light gray sweatshirt to take the slight chill off, before heading outside the sliding glass doors onto the gray cedar deck planks.

The recycled dark brown Adirondack chairs provide me a bit of comfort prior to getting up to do a few yoga stretches. I realize the EBCO stainless sawhorses with wood tops would make an interesting picture. Supporting years of hard work, miter and saw cuts, the spatters of paint color from various projects adorn the tops of the sawhorses. I quickly grab my Samsung and capture the unique coloring and texture with the setting on full frame.

A Creative Space That Withstands Snow, Rain and Snow

We are fortunate to visit this creative space frequently. Located near Lake Superior’s North Shore our friends’ cabin always has another project waiting for the owners to finish. The three-bedroom house with bunk house and wood burning sauna is surrounded by the weathered cedar deck on 3 sides. The living room of the house juts out East at an angle to capture the maximum amount of sunlight for cold fall and winter days. The average 92” snow fall, heavy rains and wind have left their mark on the deck, but the carefully placed screws and heavy boards still suspend you as you overlook the beautiful, wooded ravine.

Mustard Yellow and Inspired by Frank Lloyd Wright

The mustard yellow trim provides a creative accent to the warm gray siding and white trimmed windows. The dark brown eves support a unique angled roofline. Influenced by Frank Lloyd Wright, the owners decided to make the outside walls of their home a series of non-90 degree angles. Because of this there is enough tilt in the roof line to effectively keep the rain and snow pushed away from the home.

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European Style Birch Yule Log

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