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Offering Design and Marketing services

Did you know that today there are over nine professional forms of design documented?  What is "design" and how is it applied, used and marketed? Were the great designers of yesterday called artists?  What influenced their work? How  did their designs become extraordinary, brilliant, functional, useful and magical.

Beautiful Design

Today the use of a designer is even more prolific than ever before. The computer has revolutionized the world of design and the internet has forced designers to understand technology in such a way that their designs become actual online experiences. Renowned designers like Charles and Ray Eames are best known for their groundbreaking contributions to architecture, furniture design, industrial design and manufacturing, and the photographic arts.

"The details are not the details. They make the design." –Charles Eames

However, what would have happened if their beautifully designed objects were never marketed?

Extraordinary Marketing

Each year Superbowl ads are watched, enjoyed, hated and critiqued to death.  Was it the great typographic design, voice/on camera talent, shooting, writing, editing and creative juice that made this years ad outperform others OR was it the brilliant marketing that conducted the research, put the concept in motion and is responsible for analyzing the pre and post game responses to justify the brand exposure expense.

As a former  agency executive, our multiple 15 second Superbowl ads were 13 months of give and take with international clients that trusted our team with millions to meet and exceed their customer's expectations. These direct response ads were the first of their kind to include an 800# and be "lifted" with other forms of pre-game and post-game advertising  mediums - know as integrated marketing.

“Curiosity about life in all its aspects, I think, is still the secret of great creative people.” –Leo Burnett

Yes, integrated marketing does drive sales and the marketing analytics behind this form of marketing prove that when various marketing mediums are  used correctly not only are customer's expectations met, but long term customer value is created.

Today, marketing is still the process of which goods and service move from concept to the customer - however would the "4Ps" of marketing ever have any legs if it wasn't for great design and the creative teams to produce the actual work?

Moorhead & Company views the entire business process of marketing as a tightly integrated effort of discovery, beautiful design /creativity, continuous measurement, coupled with the ability to arouse and satisfy a customers needs.

Offering Design and Marketing services
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