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The journey to a juried art show blog

My journey to a juried art show

As I begin to prepare for a juried art show, I have to admit I am a bit worried since I haven't done one in a while.  Excitement. Trepidation. Do I have enough artwork? What will the market bare right now? The list goes on of things to think about. As my head starts to spin, I remind myself that this is another blessing and I need to thank the many friends and family members who have supported me on my journey to “make this happen”.

The acceptance to the juried art show

It's midnight and I am scanning through my business emails and there it is! Congratulations you have been accepted! Here are the rules and guidelines for the show. OMG! I am in, how wonderful. My fiancé looks at me and smiles, “So proud of you dear”. It has been years since I had time to even think about doing a juried art show again.  I must let my sister in-law and brother know right away. Afterall their gentle push to apply was the start of this entire journey anyway. badge

As I run through the email from the juried art show organizer, I am checking off the boxes of what I have.  I also remind myself I have to make another list of those items I will need to add to my current art supply stash downstairs. Wow we artists have a lot of stuff, it makes my fiancé’s hiking and camping gear look very little BTW. Matt boards – check, artwork sleaves – check, business cards – check, the list goes on and my head begins to spin again.

Preparing for wind and rain at the juried art show

At eGALLERi my goal has always been to ensure all artists products (including my own) are made from natural, renewable materials and if possible recycled materials too. However, this is where plastic, that ugly but so useful byproduct of the petroleum industry is hard to beat. The plastic tubs/containers work great for holding artwork during transportation to and from a juried art show, AND more importantly it keeps the rain out.

Next step, the art booth, one of the most important elements of your traveling art display wheelhouse. Size is critical for any artist and making sure you can protect your booth if the wind and/or rain hits it is critical. As I go through my list, I realize I will need to get another support tool to hold the roof up during heavy rains and I need to pick up some more sandbags too. Add these two items to the list, check.

Four weeks out, am I prepared?

Are you ever prepared enough for a juried art show? As my daughter reminds me “Mom, just show up. Focus on the artwork you need to show, and the rest will fall into place.” Ha! Easier sad then one could imagine. Well, I had best get going and create a few more paintings. It’s the 4th of July weekend and we are fortunate enough to be up at the lake – it doesn’t get any better than this to get the paint brush going and see if I can generate a few more watercolors. Afterall, I want people to have the opportunity to afford an original and will only be creating prints of my work for greeting cards to purchase.

Join me again at where I share another adventure in art, design or nature.

Join me at my next show!

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