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Unique customized services that bring your home or business closer to nature.

At eGALLERi we provide customized services such as commissioned paintings, custom on-of-a kind wearables, and interior design services for the most discerning clientele.  Private individuals, small boutiques, specialized builders and non-profits reach out to us frequently to create eGALLERi originals for their loved ones, co-workers, clients and members.

Commissioned works such as paintings of lake cabins, family member/pet portraits or sculptures are available. Or you may have clientele who want a unique interior work that is made with only natural materials that brings nature into their home.


Paintings, sculptures or installations are frequently commissioned from our artists. A consultation will be set-up between you and the artist followed by a formal estimate given prior to work commencing. Delivery of work will depend on artist's schedule and size of the body of work commissioned. Schedule your private consultation today.


Wearable items such as scarves, jewelry or personalized handbags can be requested by private individuals, boutique businesses and even non-profits.  We also take special order requests for residential interior or exterior items such kitchen back splashes, custom designed wallpaper, entry or front door pulls and even chairs/benches.  A consultation will be scheduled with the appropriate artist and/or designer followed by a formal estimate given prior to work commencing. Delivery of work will depend on the artist and/or designer's schedule and the size of the order requested. Inquire now on how we can help you with your next project.


Interior design, graphic design, and even digital design services are available through eGALLERi. We will put together a team of experts that will help make everything naturally beautiful. Schedule an appointment with our design professionals today.