Our story began in 2009 in Minnesota with a selection of original paintings, natural items and fine fabrics. Through her travels and life experiences, our founder Beth Moorhead always wanted to use her creative gifts to create beauty. So, she began with a small team of artists who believed in our mission -- which became eGALLERi.


Our passion is to create fine art, aesthetically pleasing designs and natural (one-of- a kind) handmade items. The majority of our artists and contributors reside in Minnesota, Wisconsin, Washington or Michigan's Upper Peninsula. Yet, our story is forever expanding and changing like our earth. Therefore, we are always looking for unique natural, one-of-a-kind goods to bring to eGALLERi customers.


eGALLERi items are available online at eGalleri.com and through curated collections offered by select artists and designers. Each eGALLERi piece is created or made by hand, by the artist - no two items are alike. The artist's work must be a reflection of our mission to be marketed on eGalleri.com